Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A Little Dachshund’s Tale – Book Review

One for the dog lovers, A Little Dachshund’s Tale is a story of how Frances Peabody came to New York City.

Several books matching your interest and genre can be found on Mediavex with easy sign up and access from any device. Frances, who was a small little Dachshund was born is a small town in England. The little Frances was sick when she came into this world but was able to overcome her illness.

The book by April Jean narrates the journey of this little one beautifully where she meets new people along her journey while travelling. The book is narrated in a way that catches the attention of readers. It deals with a difficult subject of loss where April took the reader through Frances’ loss of Honey. After this loss, Frances was able to understand that Honey now lives with the angels which she tries to explain to other dogs too. It is not clear whether the dogs understand what Frances was trying to explain but the way story unfolds, it sounds good to imagine the way Frances tries to explain. Along with the story, Frances is able to find comfort in April’s new job of walking dogs.

There comes a time, when Frances feels life is fun and then enters a new family. The joy of Frances can be felt as April tries to narrate the story. April is thoughtful and sensitive in the story and the illustrations are fun to read. This book can be recommended to children and adults as it has a message of a ray of hope that life holds for each one of us and there are surprises that are yet to unfold. Enjoy various genres on Mediavex and feel the surprises it holds for you.

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